SBA 8(a) Contract Vehicle

The Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Business Development program was established to help small disadvantaged firms compete for federal contracts. When working with a quality firm such as Osi Vision, the SBA 8(a) program is a tremendous tool that benefits all parties concerned. Osi Vision was 8(a) Certified by the Small Business Administration in March 2015.

How can Osi Vision help federal buyers with our 8(a) contract vehicle?

  • Contracts can be sole sourced, no competition required up to $6M.
  • Administrative time is reduced (faster awards). Contracts can be awarded in days or weeks.
  • Reduces contract protests.
  • No competition reduces the paperwork required from technical POC’s prior to and after the award.
  • Osi Vision and Government customer can discuss technical and personnel requirements before and during contract preparation.
  • Osi Vision is required to perform 51% of the contract. This allows Osi Vision to add other teammates if additional capabilities are required under a contract.

Why does a contracting officer want 8(a) contractors?

  • No competition reduces the paperwork required from the contracting office.
  • Federal contracting officers have 8(a) contract requirements.
  • 8(a) contract awards are not protestable.