Osi Vision offers a wide range of professional services to private sector companies, regardless of size or industry.  Our service offerings can accommodate your specific business needs and constraints.  Through a combination of executive-level and technical activities, we work with your leadership and management teams to identify top priorities through a tiered service approach with cost-effective and actionable results.  

We offer staff augmentation and specific project support in several key areas:

Risk Management

Report Card-48Based on a framework created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Osi Vision can assist your organization with risk identification, treatment, and monitoring.  Our professionals can create a risk management plan that is tailored to your organization's needs, from initial assessment and reporting to full remediation activities.

Small/Medium-Sized Business Services

Department-48Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often face the difficult challenge of growing revenue while keeping their data secure from attackers.  The need for constant cyber security improvement at the SMB level sometimes requires considerable investment in personnel and technology resources.  Osi Vision offers a range of services to fit the unique budgetary and staffing constraints SMBs face on a daily basis.  From a single discovery assessment to an ongoing engagement, our team of professionals can provide cost-effective and timely support to your company and its stakeholders.

Cyber Security Architecture, Design, and Engineering

Services-48As your organization's technology infrastructure matures, Osi Vision can work with your IT department to ensure proper consideration of security through people, process, and technology.  From initial business requirements planning to delivery, we can facilitate secure design and implementation for your company.

Cyber Security Operations

Privacy-48Design and implementation are only part of the cyber security puzzle.  Continuous monitoring and evaluation are needed for a more proactive approach to keeping your organization's data out of harm's way.  Osi Vision offers support for common cyber security activities, including operational monitoring, cyber forensics, and vulnerability scanning.